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FlamencoPosted by La Ardilla 2016-11-14 22:54
Intensive flamencofall
The fall 2016 has truly taken us by storm, non stop!
Now were already more than half way through, and can truly say that this has been the most intense season so far. Apart from both showing film as a theme at Pygméteatern, we've led seminars at Instituto Cervantes and had a "Filmfrukost: Flamenco" at BioRio - a film-breakfast that is! And our guest appearance at Stallet this term also started the Flamenco All Stars-tour through Sweden, taking flamenco to both Göteborg and Vänersborg apart from Stockholm! How great is that...?

The season started very festively at Instituto Cervantes! We first had a chat about the flamenco-basics, the song, the guitar, the dance, and what the bases of traditional flamenco can be today. Both our presenter as the guests ended up making some points on the universality of flamenco as an artform today, something that also was seen in the ensemble this night that consisted of 7 nationalities and very differing educational background. We were deeply touched by the Agustines' Seguiriyas, followed by a Solea por Bulerias, a Bulerias composition and some Fandangos to finish the musical program. What a great way to open the season!

Below you can see how our first night at Pygméteatern ended, in the company of Flamenco de la Frontera. Flamenco de la Frontera is a group that has worked together for the past few years touring in Norway. The group consists of the dancer Tonje Liebe who also produces the touring, percussionist and flutist Tito Guevara both based in Oslo, and the two Agustines (de la Fuente and Mancheno) from Jerez de la Frontera. What the group has put together is a really great well composed program that touches the hearts and senses of both the music and dancelovers. The night started with the screening of Tonjes dancefilm "FlaMunch" recorded in the house of Edward Munch, setting a nice start for this falls film theme. Due to us first hanging out at Instituto Cervantes, we also had the chance to get acquainted a little more with the whole gang, which is always good especially if its this kind of relaxed and nice people. We hope to be seeing some more of these guys!

After the intensive start of the season you'd think that we'd get time to relax but oh no! The houseband Aire de Vida presented their show "Origen" at Bristol Theatre as well as paying a visit to the northern degrees at a Arjeplog fall market. There were some serious funding applications to be written and of course the planning of the coming spring program! This of course means that we will do our best to continue!

All this administrative work had a nice pause when the next FlamencoFredag@Odenplan came closer. The choreographer Mariano Cruceta landed in Stockholm on an october wednesday, thursday was rehearsal day and friday the second FlamencoFriday of the season! The setting is always a little bit different depending on who the guests are, and this was one of the times when the guests themselves hadn't met before the first and only rehearsal! With the great gang consisting of Erik Steen, Fredrik Gille, Mariano Cruceta as well as the houseband, we put together quite a traditional program for the first set consisting of a Tientos-Tangos, a guitar solo, a Soleá, a new something something from Ellen and Erik, and an Alegrías in the end. The second set was something different. After a great solo by Erik and another musical number, Snygg Olles Tangos, Mariano shared never before seen work on the intimate Pygméteatern stage. The night started with the screening of Josefine Chiacchieros dance film NONES, a very appreciated treat! What a great and oh so different night once again!
Here a picture from our rehearsals (see some cool pictures from the show on www.facebook.com/flamencofredag !):

The following sunday was time to get up early for the "Filmfrukost: Flamenco" cooperation with BioRio! Such a great concept: you enter the cinema in the morning to receive a nice breakfast and get to sit back to experience some great films. This time we showed Crucetas dance film "Dualidad: Deconstruccion" and the legendary "Los Tarantos". A very interesting duo of films showing some of today and some of before so to say.

Tuesday the talks culminated at Instituto Cervantes where the second part of our seminars on flamenco this semester were held. Mariano told us about his journey through the world of flamenco, the audience had a second chance to experience "Dualidad", and finally we even gave a short showing of the new project LATIDO that is to have its premiere during 2017. A great night.

There is so much more to tell and take up, many discussions followed both the showings and the fridays concert! Its a learning journey for us all and we're so thankful to be a part of this :)

More to come soooooon!

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