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FlamencoPosted by La Ardilla 2016-05-27 03:10

Incredible but true, we've actually completed whole 3 seasons of amazing tablao-nights in Stockholm. We've had guest artists from a combination of 10 or even more nationalities, showed art exhibitions, photography exhibitions, and poetry exhibitions, and met the most wonderful warm audience one can even dream of having!

We'd like to thank everyone involved for making this happen, and as it seems, we'll continue in the fall again!

We have now set almost the whole fall program with just some small details missing, and it's looking great! Our program group had a very tough time looking through the 14 different suggestions from 6 different countries that reached us. A big thank you to all who took their time to send in suggestions. We look forward to soon release the full fall program, together with a totally new homepage!

We'll also have a new theme for you this fall! FILM!

At every FlamencoFredag@Odenplan, you'll be able to enter the theatre already at 17:45, to sit back and get inspired by a special selection of documentaries and dancefilms with one thing in common: flamenco. Apart from the showings at Pygméteatern, we'll also invite you to lengthen your experience all the way to a sunday breakfast in october! Thats when we'll culminate our film theme with a flamenco film marathon at BioRio and have Film Frukost Flamenco!
More about this soon...

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