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FlamencoPosted by La Ardilla 2016-03-09 14:46

So, after a fantastic little adventure at Stallet, the ”world music stage” of Stockholm, and performing there with the magnificent group Sirocco, dancer Jenny Martinez, and surprise special guest Kai Sundquist, we are now back at our home stage at Pygméteatern again.

This Friday, the 11th of March you will get the chance to both see and hear none the less than FIVE flamenco artists from our neighbour Finland! Since our cantaora Ellen is away on her own adventure this Friday we have invited the Norwegian flamenco singer Marianne (from Gothenburg) to once again join us this evening.

The three flamenco dancers from Finland - Tove Djupsjöbacka, Erika Alajärvi, Marja Rautakorpi – are born in three different decades and this will reflect their dance and expression.

The guitarist Toni Jokiniitty has been working as a flamenco guitarist since 1999 and released his first solo album Promesa in 2015.

The singer Ulla Mäkilä has studied flamenco singing in Sevilla and has participated in several flamenco projects in Finland.

If you missed our exhibition with flamenco lyrics last time you will have a new opportunity on Friday. Lyrics and translations by Eva Norée, Giraldo Åkerberg, Thierry Boisdon and Ellen la Loba Pontara.

And as always, the dancer Pia del Norte and the guitarrist Per Lenner will be there!

And our beloved Chief Dragan!


Ellen and Aire de Vida

You should be able to see some of the pictures taken at Stallet HERE

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