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New presentador 2016: Roberto Gonzalez

FlamencoPosted by La Ardilla 2016-02-04 13:37

"Somos sueños andando"

- Roberto Gonzalez, 2016-01-31 -

We love to have a part of our program dedicated to a bit of flamenco knowledge, so if you're visiting the tablao or seeing flamenco for the first time, you'll feel right at home. We received a mail a couple of weeks ago that our dear presentadora who usually is in charge of this part, Mercedes Bocanegra, would be spending a good part of the spring i Sevilla. What could we do?

Our first thought was the great aficionado based in Stockholm, who apart from having been seated in the first row of practically every FlamencoFredag@Odenplan, also has shared some of his own music with us during the past year. He even jumped in last November as our helping hand when Mercedes was visiting her family in Sevilla!
We gathered ourselves and had a chat with Roberto Gonzalez, and we are SO happy he accepted this new role of his as the presentador of Stockholms tablao. YES!!!!

We asked our new presentador to write a few lines about his thoughts on flamenco, and this is what Roberto had to say:

Flamenco is a lifestyle would a Flamenco artist say.
A Cantaor (singer) a Bailaor (dancer) a tocaor (guitarist) do not only live for the Arte of Flamenco, no…..they live Flamenco! Like Bluesmen och Jazzmen do.
In Flamenco there is nothing else of value. But….humbleness is very important.
You break your shirt, you get blood in your mouth, you break your dancing shoes, but….without showing off….paying your respects to the elders…to the Maestros….
Flamenco is from and for the poor people, poor country people, poor Gypsies (well they are generally poor)…but in Flamenco they outgrow the richest millionaire, Kings, movie stars are nothing when they do not feel, sing or cry to a Solea, clap to a Buleria, dans a Fandango…The poorest miserable Andaluz become an emperor with a glass of Fino singing to an Alegria! Flamenco is not Party music…Flamenco is not for having fun no no….Flamenco is life in a single tear, note, foot stamp…Ole!

- Roberto Gonzalez

Do you want to know more about Roberto, visit his homepage HERE

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