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Winter/Spring program!

FlamencoPosted by La Ardilla 2016-02-04 13:09
It took us a while, but we at last have gathered ourselves together since the christmaspartymadness in December! After the first amazing set by Afra Rubino and Peter Janson, we ended up with A LOT of people on stage. Some personal highlights were of course the strong baile of Sofia Castro por Solea por Bulerías, the surprise of Eva Norée, Anna Karin Ståhle and Kai Sundquist, and later the "swedish zambomba" performance, and of course all our guests including Mercedes christmas choir NoNiNa! Thank you all
We are so happy to have such great artists and personalities around us, and even happier to now look forward to a whole FIVE FlamencoFredag@ this season. New for this spring is a guest visit at the folk- and world music stage Stallet on February 26th - a great space with some more audience-spaces as well!
Here is the spring program:


Pygméteatern, Vegagatan 17, Stockholm, Sweden
Doors open at 18:00, first set ca 19:00

February 12th
Erik Steen (guitar), Rodrigo Gonzalez (dance), Valter Kinbom (percussion)
Aire de Vida

February 26th - FlamencoFredag@Stallet
!!! Doors open 19:00, first set ca 20:00
Sirocco , Jenny Martinez (dance)
Aire de Vida
Exhibition: Annika Heed

March 11th
Erika Alajärvi, Tove Djupsjöbacka, Marja Rautakorpi (dance, palmas)
Toni Jokiniitty (guitar), Ulla Mäkilä (vocals)
Aire de Vida

April 8th
Flamenco en Marcha
Aire de Vida

May 13th
Sofia Castro (dance), Gori Mazo (guitar), Thierry Boisdon (vocals)
Aire de Vida

With a reservation for changes and secret guest artists!

House cuadro, Aire de Vida are:
Ellen "La Loba" Pontara - vocals
Per Lenner - guitar
Pia "del Norte" Pohjakallio - dance

160 kr
(110 kr students/seniors/unemployed)

Spring 2016: you can book and purchase your ticket directly on our homepage!
Buy your ticket HERE

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