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Spring program 2016?

FlamencoPosted by La Ardilla 2015-10-07 18:04

Are you a professionally active flamenco artist and would like to propose your work to be a part of the FlamencoFredag@Odenplan springprogram 2016?

Please send your proposal to flamencofredag@piadelnorte.com during October 2015.
We'll get back to you during November and December 2015.

The idea for each evening is to offer 2 sets.
The first set you'll get to collaborate with the tablaos' houseband Aire de Vida (song, guitar and dance) in a traditional flamenco manner, and the second set is all up to you to form and do what you do best!

If you send a suggestion of yourself as a solo artist, we might mix match you with another singer/guitarist/dancer. If you have recently come out with a new show, released a CD, or have a particularly personal approach to flamenco that you'd like to present to a Stockholm audience, please let us know, since we work thematically in the programming.

If you do not live in Stockholm/Sweden, and know that you're passing by at a specific time, please add this information in your proposition!

Hoping to hear from you!
All the best,

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