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Season premiere FALL2015!

FlamencoPosted by La Ardilla 2015-09-22 15:50

This friday is the poetic seasonal opening of Stockholms tablao, FlamencoFredag@Odenplan!

Marianne Holmboe - vocals
Emil Pernblad - guitar
Catherine "La Kati" - dance
Valter Kinbom - percussion
& cuadro de la casa: Aire de Vida

And of course our charming Dragan at Pygméteatern and
la presentadora Mercedes Bocanegra!


A couple of years ago I remember sitting with a cup of coffee speaking to guitarist Emil Pernblad, who showed me a couple of poems his grandmother had written. These poems were to be a starting step for the CD "De Noche" that came out 2014 through Kakafon Records. The poems were translated into spanish, and put into a flamenco setting!
Ganging up with singer Marianne Holmboe, the music was composed and recorded, and a release tour took the duo around Sweden presenting this personal approach to the art of flamenco!
We found some reviews, in swedish (very funny with Google Translate): http://ikon1931.se/recensioner/personligt-och-nara and http://www.lira.se/skivrecension/de-noche/
If you want to take a part of these guys with you, bring cash (100 kr/CD) and get a signed copy all for yourself!

We are also happy to welcome Catherine "La Kati" Lizzie Vigh to our tablao! La Kati has worked with Emil&Marianne in her native Denmark, where she runs a flamenco dance academy! She has spent years in Sevilla studying the art with mentors such as Alicia Marquez. The houseband Aire de Vida is very exited and happy to get to know this, for us, new flamenca! We mailed away 3 quick questions to get to know her a little better:

1.) 3 words that describe flamenco?
Passion, dynamic and respectfull
2.) Your favorite palo today, and why?
La guajira because it represents the international side of flamenco being part of the group of styles named ida y vuelta.
3.) Your favorite flamenco memory?
When I met Mathilde Corral.

We are also more than happy to welcome the percussive genius Valter Kinbom back to us! We have specifically been promised a Aludu solo :D Take your chance to interview Valter about all of he's amazing instruments as well. Can't wait to see and hear this ALUDU? Check this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9k6MeflUf0


We are planning to continue with our art exhibitions as well, although this fall turning the focus on PHOTOGRAPHY! And more specifically, of course, FLAMENCO photography. October, November and December Fridays we will hang up some prints from 4 different photographers! If you get really fond of them, there will be a possibility to deal with the photographer in question as well to get a copy for yourself. In a similar way as last spring with the artist Annika Heed, we'll invite our photographers to tell us a little bit of their work and process before the first set starts!

The cuadro Aire de Vida has been warming up with a little bit of private gigs last week, as well as rehearsals for ORIGEN that has a couple of dates coming up in October - but now we almost can't wait anymore!
What a start of this new season with such a poetic setup - it is a little bit of a poetic fairytale to have a tablao in Stockholm as well...

See you on Friday!
Doors open at 18:00 and so does the bar with our premiere olives "de la Abuela"

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