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Long time no see!

FlamencoPosted by La Ardilla 2016-11-14 22:54
Intensive flamencofall
The fall 2016 has truly taken us by storm, non stop!
Now were already more than half way through, and can truly say that this has been the most intense season so far. Apart from both showing film as a theme at Pygméteatern, we've led seminars at Instituto Cervantes and had a "Filmfrukost: Flamenco" at BioRio - a film-breakfast that is! And our guest appearance at Stallet this term also started the Flamenco All Stars-tour through Sweden, taking flamenco to both Göteborg and Vänersborg apart from Stockholm! How great is that...?

The season started very festively at Instituto Cervantes! We first had a chat about the flamenco-basics, the song, the guitar, the dance, and what the bases of traditional flamenco can be today. Both our presenter as the guests ended up making some points on the universality of flamenco as an artform today, something that also was seen in the ensemble this night that consisted of 7 nationalities and very differing educational background. We were deeply touched by the Agustines' Seguiriyas, followed by a Solea por Bulerias, a Bulerias composition and some Fandangos to finish the musical program. What a great way to open the season!

Below you can see how our first night at Pygméteatern ended, in the company of Flamenco de la Frontera. Flamenco de la Frontera is a group that has worked together for the past few years touring in Norway. The group consists of the dancer Tonje Liebe who also produces the touring, percussionist and flutist Tito Guevara both based in Oslo, and the two Agustines (de la Fuente and Mancheno) from Jerez de la Frontera. What the group has put together is a really great well composed program that touches the hearts and senses of both the music and dancelovers. The night started with the screening of Tonjes dancefilm "FlaMunch" recorded in the house of Edward Munch, setting a nice start for this falls film theme. Due to us first hanging out at Instituto Cervantes, we also had the chance to get acquainted a little more with the whole gang, which is always good especially if its this kind of relaxed and nice people. We hope to be seeing some more of these guys!

After the intensive start of the season you'd think that we'd get time to relax but oh no! The houseband Aire de Vida presented their show "Origen" at Bristol Theatre as well as paying a visit to the northern degrees at a Arjeplog fall market. There were some serious funding applications to be written and of course the planning of the coming spring program! This of course means that we will do our best to continue!

All this administrative work had a nice pause when the next FlamencoFredag@Odenplan came closer. The choreographer Mariano Cruceta landed in Stockholm on an october wednesday, thursday was rehearsal day and friday the second FlamencoFriday of the season! The setting is always a little bit different depending on who the guests are, and this was one of the times when the guests themselves hadn't met before the first and only rehearsal! With the great gang consisting of Erik Steen, Fredrik Gille, Mariano Cruceta as well as the houseband, we put together quite a traditional program for the first set consisting of a Tientos-Tangos, a guitar solo, a Soleá, a new something something from Ellen and Erik, and an Alegrías in the end. The second set was something different. After a great solo by Erik and another musical number, Snygg Olles Tangos, Mariano shared never before seen work on the intimate Pygméteatern stage. The night started with the screening of Josefine Chiacchieros dance film NONES, a very appreciated treat! What a great and oh so different night once again!
Here a picture from our rehearsals (see some cool pictures from the show on www.facebook.com/flamencofredag !):

The following sunday was time to get up early for the "Filmfrukost: Flamenco" cooperation with BioRio! Such a great concept: you enter the cinema in the morning to receive a nice breakfast and get to sit back to experience some great films. This time we showed Crucetas dance film "Dualidad: Deconstruccion" and the legendary "Los Tarantos". A very interesting duo of films showing some of today and some of before so to say.

Tuesday the talks culminated at Instituto Cervantes where the second part of our seminars on flamenco this semester were held. Mariano told us about his journey through the world of flamenco, the audience had a second chance to experience "Dualidad", and finally we even gave a short showing of the new project LATIDO that is to have its premiere during 2017. A great night.

There is so much more to tell and take up, many discussions followed both the showings and the fridays concert! Its a learning journey for us all and we're so thankful to be a part of this :)

More to come soooooon!

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FlamencoPosted by La Ardilla 2016-05-27 03:10

Incredible but true, we've actually completed whole 3 seasons of amazing tablao-nights in Stockholm. We've had guest artists from a combination of 10 or even more nationalities, showed art exhibitions, photography exhibitions, and poetry exhibitions, and met the most wonderful warm audience one can even dream of having!

We'd like to thank everyone involved for making this happen, and as it seems, we'll continue in the fall again!

We have now set almost the whole fall program with just some small details missing, and it's looking great! Our program group had a very tough time looking through the 14 different suggestions from 6 different countries that reached us. A big thank you to all who took their time to send in suggestions. We look forward to soon release the full fall program, together with a totally new homepage!

We'll also have a new theme for you this fall! FILM!

At every FlamencoFredag@Odenplan, you'll be able to enter the theatre already at 17:45, to sit back and get inspired by a special selection of documentaries and dancefilms with one thing in common: flamenco. Apart from the showings at Pygméteatern, we'll also invite you to lengthen your experience all the way to a sunday breakfast in october! Thats when we'll culminate our film theme with a flamenco film marathon at BioRio and have Film Frukost Flamenco!
More about this soon...

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FlamencoFredag@Odenplan FALLPROGRAM 2016

FlamencoPosted by La Ardilla 2016-03-09 14:49

Are you a professionally active flamenco artist and would like to propose your work to be a part of the FlamencoFredag@Odenplan fallprogram 2016?

Please send your proposal to flamencofredag@piadelnorte.com during March 2016.
We'll get back to you during April and May 2016.

The idea for each evening is to offer 2 sets.
The first set you'll get to collaborate with the tablaos' houseband Aire de Vida (song, guitar and dance) in a traditional flamenco manner, and the second set is all up to you to form and do what you do best!

If you send a suggestion of yourself as a solo artist, we might mix match you with another singer/guitarist/dancer. If you have recently come out with a new show, released a CD, or have a particularly personal approach to flamenco that you'd like to present to a Stockholm audience, please let us know, since we work thematically in the programming.

If you do not live in Stockholm/Sweden, and know that you're passing by at a specific time, please add this information in your proposition!

Hoping to hear from you!
All the best,

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Ellens greetings!

FlamencoPosted by La Ardilla 2016-03-09 14:46

So, after a fantastic little adventure at Stallet, the ”world music stage” of Stockholm, and performing there with the magnificent group Sirocco, dancer Jenny Martinez, and surprise special guest Kai Sundquist, we are now back at our home stage at Pygméteatern again.

This Friday, the 11th of March you will get the chance to both see and hear none the less than FIVE flamenco artists from our neighbour Finland! Since our cantaora Ellen is away on her own adventure this Friday we have invited the Norwegian flamenco singer Marianne (from Gothenburg) to once again join us this evening.

The three flamenco dancers from Finland - Tove Djupsjöbacka, Erika Alajärvi, Marja Rautakorpi – are born in three different decades and this will reflect their dance and expression.

The guitarist Toni Jokiniitty has been working as a flamenco guitarist since 1999 and released his first solo album Promesa in 2015.

The singer Ulla Mäkilä has studied flamenco singing in Sevilla and has participated in several flamenco projects in Finland.

If you missed our exhibition with flamenco lyrics last time you will have a new opportunity on Friday. Lyrics and translations by Eva Norée, Giraldo Åkerberg, Thierry Boisdon and Ellen la Loba Pontara.

And as always, the dancer Pia del Norte and the guitarrist Per Lenner will be there!

And our beloved Chief Dragan!


Ellen and Aire de Vida

You should be able to see some of the pictures taken at Stallet HERE

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New presentador 2016: Roberto Gonzalez

FlamencoPosted by La Ardilla 2016-02-04 13:37

"Somos sueños andando"

- Roberto Gonzalez, 2016-01-31 -

We love to have a part of our program dedicated to a bit of flamenco knowledge, so if you're visiting the tablao or seeing flamenco for the first time, you'll feel right at home. We received a mail a couple of weeks ago that our dear presentadora who usually is in charge of this part, Mercedes Bocanegra, would be spending a good part of the spring i Sevilla. What could we do?

Our first thought was the great aficionado based in Stockholm, who apart from having been seated in the first row of practically every FlamencoFredag@Odenplan, also has shared some of his own music with us during the past year. He even jumped in last November as our helping hand when Mercedes was visiting her family in Sevilla!
We gathered ourselves and had a chat with Roberto Gonzalez, and we are SO happy he accepted this new role of his as the presentador of Stockholms tablao. YES!!!!

We asked our new presentador to write a few lines about his thoughts on flamenco, and this is what Roberto had to say:

Flamenco is a lifestyle would a Flamenco artist say.
A Cantaor (singer) a Bailaor (dancer) a tocaor (guitarist) do not only live for the Arte of Flamenco, no…..they live Flamenco! Like Bluesmen och Jazzmen do.
In Flamenco there is nothing else of value. But….humbleness is very important.
You break your shirt, you get blood in your mouth, you break your dancing shoes, but….without showing off….paying your respects to the elders…to the Maestros….
Flamenco is from and for the poor people, poor country people, poor Gypsies (well they are generally poor)…but in Flamenco they outgrow the richest millionaire, Kings, movie stars are nothing when they do not feel, sing or cry to a Solea, clap to a Buleria, dans a Fandango…The poorest miserable Andaluz become an emperor with a glass of Fino singing to an Alegria! Flamenco is not Party music…Flamenco is not for having fun no no….Flamenco is life in a single tear, note, foot stamp…Ole!

- Roberto Gonzalez

Do you want to know more about Roberto, visit his homepage HERE

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Winter/Spring program!

FlamencoPosted by La Ardilla 2016-02-04 13:09
It took us a while, but we at last have gathered ourselves together since the christmaspartymadness in December! After the first amazing set by Afra Rubino and Peter Janson, we ended up with A LOT of people on stage. Some personal highlights were of course the strong baile of Sofia Castro por Solea por Bulerías, the surprise of Eva Norée, Anna Karin Ståhle and Kai Sundquist, and later the "swedish zambomba" performance, and of course all our guests including Mercedes christmas choir NoNiNa! Thank you all
We are so happy to have such great artists and personalities around us, and even happier to now look forward to a whole FIVE FlamencoFredag@ this season. New for this spring is a guest visit at the folk- and world music stage Stallet on February 26th - a great space with some more audience-spaces as well!
Here is the spring program:


Pygméteatern, Vegagatan 17, Stockholm, Sweden
Doors open at 18:00, first set ca 19:00

February 12th
Erik Steen (guitar), Rodrigo Gonzalez (dance), Valter Kinbom (percussion)
Aire de Vida

February 26th - FlamencoFredag@Stallet
!!! Doors open 19:00, first set ca 20:00
Sirocco , Jenny Martinez (dance)
Aire de Vida
Exhibition: Annika Heed

March 11th
Erika Alajärvi, Tove Djupsjöbacka, Marja Rautakorpi (dance, palmas)
Toni Jokiniitty (guitar), Ulla Mäkilä (vocals)
Aire de Vida

April 8th
Flamenco en Marcha
Aire de Vida

May 13th
Sofia Castro (dance), Gori Mazo (guitar), Thierry Boisdon (vocals)
Aire de Vida

With a reservation for changes and secret guest artists!

House cuadro, Aire de Vida are:
Ellen "La Loba" Pontara - vocals
Per Lenner - guitar
Pia "del Norte" Pohjakallio - dance

160 kr
(110 kr students/seniors/unemployed)

Spring 2016: you can book and purchase your ticket directly on our homepage!
Buy your ticket HERE

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Spring program 2016 to be announced in December!

FlamencoPosted by La Ardilla 2015-12-06 17:30
In the darkening Swedish fall we're happy to announce we're continuing in the coming spring!

14 great suggestions for the spring program were received during October, both groups as well as individual artists, and after a difficult couple of meetings we got most of it sorted out. We're happy to welcome both international as well as national flamencos, some of whom on stage for the first time in Sweden! We have sincerely tried our best to fit everyone in - but some will have to wait until the coming fall of 2016.

Apart from the great artists on stage, we'd also like to lift the flamenco poetry. We've invited some of our artists to present their own letras, flamenco verses, in the space that until now has been filled with both Annika Heeds artwork as well as the photography of Björn Olofsson. We're now looking for the best printing options - if you have any ideas, please let us know!

Some more happy news is that since we were so fully booked last February and March, we'll now be getting together for 5 FlamencoFredag@ this coming spring. We're also looking forward to a great new collaboration with a renown folk- and world music stage in Stockholm for one of the nights! More about this soon as well.

The program will be announced on December 18th, when we have our last FlamencoFredag@Odenplan for this year!

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Spring program 2016?

FlamencoPosted by La Ardilla 2015-10-07 18:04

Are you a professionally active flamenco artist and would like to propose your work to be a part of the FlamencoFredag@Odenplan springprogram 2016?

Please send your proposal to flamencofredag@piadelnorte.com during October 2015.
We'll get back to you during November and December 2015.

The idea for each evening is to offer 2 sets.
The first set you'll get to collaborate with the tablaos' houseband Aire de Vida (song, guitar and dance) in a traditional flamenco manner, and the second set is all up to you to form and do what you do best!

If you send a suggestion of yourself as a solo artist, we might mix match you with another singer/guitarist/dancer. If you have recently come out with a new show, released a CD, or have a particularly personal approach to flamenco that you'd like to present to a Stockholm audience, please let us know, since we work thematically in the programming.

If you do not live in Stockholm/Sweden, and know that you're passing by at a specific time, please add this information in your proposition!

Hoping to hear from you!
All the best,

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A look back at the premiere!

FlamencoPosted by La Ardilla 2015-10-07 16:41

First of all, A BIG THANK YOU to all of you who made our beautiful premiere possible!

We're happy to hear all the great stories and memories that our guests on stage and in the audience have shared directly to us or in different social media!

We are quite spoiled with fantastic photographers around us. See pictures from the premiere by our great Dragan here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/dragan/sets/72157659266614111/

More pictures by Le Monique have also been published on our Facebook page (see link to the right)!


We have received a lot of questions about how everything works behind the scenes, so I thought I'd share a little bit of how a "regular" FlamencoFredag@Odenplan Friday can turn out:

In the morning we all packed together our belongings and headed off to the theatre - some of us at 05:00 in the morning, others a little later. Our house-guitarrist Per who is great with time was the first one to arrive, and helped Pia with taking everything (olives, technique, stage clothing ect...) down to the theatre.

At the theatre we then said hello and met Kati for the first time, got to know each other a little better, talked through the evening with all the people involved, and looked through the last minute preparations. Just to make things a little bit more exiting, Emil arrived to Stockholm with a train that was more than 3 hours late (!). When he at last was in the theatre, we took time to mark through the pieces in the first set before letting Emil, Kati, Marianne and Valter take a while to see through their second set program.

At 18:00 the doors opened, and just before we (at last) got a chance to open our can of Aceitunas de la Abuela!

The first set
A big part of the idea with our tablao is to have a space for artistic meetings in the improvisational sphere of flamenco on stage. This is interesting for our audience as well as our guest artists, making the first set exiting and spontaneous. A natural way of putting this together has become that the houseband has given a suggestion to the guests on how the first set can be formed some time before the night itself. Then we all come with suggestions on which palos, flamenco styles, are to be presented, and form the program together.

The first piece always has the idea of presenting the guestartists as well as the houseband, and we had a great time putting it together with Kati who was new to all of the houseband, Marianne, and Valters percussive ideas:
The Seguiriyas started off with a canon-singing of Tona and Martinete, to end with a similar soundscape, this time in the tempo appropriate for a Macho, here "slowmotioning" the dance in an interesting improvisational manner. Kati and Pia danced a letra each, and Valters SunDrum had a special part in bringing new air to the Seguiriyas as well. Here below is a picture taken by our ticketing-pro Renjith:Would you like to see or hear a specific palo on one of our FlamencoFredag@Odenplan evenings? Let us know and we'll do our best to make it happen!

The second set
This is all up to the invited guests! We had an idea that this might become a very poetic set, and so it was. The poems originally written by Emils grandmother Birgitta Örnstedt were given new life in different flamencopalos with the great Emil and Marianne, and the elegant Sevilla-inspired presence of Kati dancing left traces in all of us. Valter is a true genius not only with his groovy playing, but also the instruments he's playing on! Mariannes natural stage-presense also between the pieces made everyone in the audience comfortable and feeling well taken care of (so I've been told!). Here's some more of Renjith's pictures:
If you missed the premiere or just want the music to continue playing, you can order the duo's CD:s here: http://naxosdirect.se/items/de-noche-294095 Inside the leaflet, you can also see some of the artwork by Birgitta Örnstedt!

What a great premiere for this fall!
A Big Thank You again to all our supporters, cooperations, audiences and artists for making this possible <3


And what have we been doing since?
Now in the beginning of October we are more than in the middle of our planning for the coming years FlamencoFredag@Odenplan, not to mention the rest of the Fridays this fall!

One aficionado jokingly recommended everyone to make sure they come to Pygméteatern before we move our popular tablao-concept to Globen (arena-stage in Stockholm)! What a great idea, although maybe will save this one for our up and coming 10th anniversary, bringing all the artists throughout the years up on stage! Wouldn't that be great?

Until then, for the coming fall, spring and maybe even fall of 2016, we promise to do our best to deliver close-up tablao flamenco to all of you in the charming Pygméteatern. And... Maybe even another venue on the following Saturday to spread flamenco a little broader...! More about that soon!



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